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INKD & CÎROC x Lethal Bizzle New Fragrance Dench

For the launch of Lethal Bizzle’s new male fragrance “DENCH” on Monday 14th August, INKD designed a bespoke street art inspired CÎROC Apple bottle, to gift the famous grime artist.

Entrepreneur and grime legend Lethal Bizzle is set to expand his empire with the launch of his first male ‘Stay Dench’ fragrance. The product is set to launch online on Monday 14th August with a limited pre-order open to fans on the official Stay Dench website.

Lethal Bizzle is holding his own ‘Chicken & Fragrance’ party hosted by the man himself in association with CÎROC Vodka and Floor Six group.

The fragrance will go on sale officially online from Wednesday 16th August and will be launching nationwide in multiple retailers over the following weeks. Already the fragrance has had the official co-sign from many artists in the music scene including man of the moment Giggs, and global superstar Ed Sheeran.

'Stay Dench' is a brand founded by music artist Lethal Bizzle in 2011 after coming up with the word and starting his own clothing line. He launched the first clothing in the Arsenal official store as a collaboration t-shirt, and then launched the full range in Selfridges, Choice, Foot Asylum and other major retailers.

'Dench' is a word that Lethal Bizzle invented, meaning that something is cool or great. The word 'dench' has been picked in nearly all the major dictionaries as an official word in the English language! Including the Macmillan and Collins dictionary who define it as: ‘ A personal or group opinion that an object is good or of excellence. Sometimes used as a synonym for nice, awesome or sick’ (Collins Dictionary). 

Although having no connection, the brand Dench shares the surname of famous British legend Judi Dench, who famously wore the 'Stay Dench' snapback and t-shirt during a Radio 1 interview with Greg James where she said, ‘Lethal Bizzle is a wonder’.

Lethal Bizzle has plan to extend the Dench range further, so follow him and Stay Dench brand socials online to keep up to date: @lethalbizzle and @denchfragrance. 

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