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Personalise a bottle of Don Julio for yourself as a treat or as a gift for an alcohol lover or tequila lover. INKD offers you the opportunity to customise your special bottle of Don Julio with a personalised message. Also discover special editions of Don Julio bottles: the Winter Edition Don Julio or Christmas Edition Don Julio, which are perfect to give as an original Christmas present to an uncle or a friend. Don Julio engraved bottles are also available in a special edition with unique designs. These bottles can also be personalised with a unique message up to 25 characters.

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Don Julio González revolutionised the world of tequila by choosing quality over quantity, painstakingly planting each agave further apart to allow proper room to grow and fully mature before harvesting. He would then select only the most succulent portions of the piña, before steaming them for 72-hour cycles.

Barely out of his teens, Don Julio explored the extraordinary potential of the agave plantations and the tequila market. He devoted all his energy to inventing the world of luxury tequilas, an area that his name evokes today more than ever. With great daring, an ounce of know-how and the naivety essential for the greatest adventures, the young González created the initial recipe, the one that the mature man must think of while strolling in his immense agave plantations. Quickly, Don Julio established himself as a major figure in the local economy; his name became synonymous with excellence. If he had to scramble to secure the first loan he used to open his distillery, the businessman patiently expanded his estate, driven by a passion for agave and a love for tequila. We can say that he revolutionised manufacturing techniques, thanks to an immoderate respect for plants. In particular, he created non-intensive plantations where the agaves have more room to flourish. The heart of agaves is not extracted until the plants have reached their peak. Needless to say, the “piñas” are handpicked. Cooking lasts 72 hours in traditional ovens, which is well above average. When the art of distillation becomes a religion with its rites, its passion and its pope, a certain Don Julio is not far away.

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