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Personalised Mezcal bottles

When we think of a Mexican alcohol drink, we might have the tendency to think about tequila, but there is also another Agave distilled spirit, a centuries-old tradition called mezcal. At INKD you can add your mark to create a unique personalised mezcal bottle. Famous brands like Casamigos Mezcal or The Lost Explorer Mezcal are available in different versions and designs. 

Discover the ancient artisanal craft of mezcal by adding your extra touch, find the perfect words to better express your feelings on a unique alcohol gift for Father’s Day, Christmas or for any special occasion. Transport yourself and your loved ones to a world beyond through the particular smoky flavour of mezcal produced during the traditional roasting of piñas below ground with hot stones and burning wood. 

If you are looking for a unique alcohol present for that special occasion, we invite you to share a unique bottle of The Lost Explorer Mezcal or a personalised bottle of Casamigos Mezcal. Once you receive your personalised mezcal bottle we recommend you to enjoy it with your loved ones or with yourself, take your time, celebrate, contemplate and enjoy every sip. As they say in Oaxaca:
“Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también”