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Personalised Courvoisier Cognac

Give an exceptional gift to your friends or family with a personalised bottle of Courvoisier Cognac. Courvoisier cognac will dazzle you with its unrivaled taste and refinement.

A personalised bottle of cognac will be ideal as a gift for Father's Day or for a toast at a bachelor party.

Due to its excellent quality, Courvoisier cognac won several awards, notably in 2018 at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco, during which Courvoisier Cognac won the gold medal.


Courvoisier counts itself among the truly revered Cognac brands, possessing a classic range of spirits and an incredible, unique heritage. A favourite in France for centuries, its list of honours and achievements not only includes the ‘Medaille d’Or’, an international prize of great acclaim, but one France’s greatest awards, the ‘Prestige de la France’, and Courvoisier have the distinction of being the only Cognac producers to have ever received it. 

The first stone of the Courvoisier house was laid in 1828. For once, the heritage of a great spirit is closely linked to a story of passion and friendship. Jules Gallois and Félix Courvoisier decided to devote themselves fully to the production of cognac. They then left the grayness of Paris for the sweetness of Jarnac, in the heart of Charente.

Do not wait any longer and order your personalised bottle of Courvoisier Cognac.