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Copper Dog


Copper Dog is a Scotch whisky that sums up all that is good about Speyside. The liquid is a unique blend of no fewer than eight single malt whiskies, slowly married together in old oak casks. It’s an easy drinking Scotch, with ripe fruit aromas, and a delicate, spicy finish. From crisp apple to zesty citrus, dried fruit and vanilla.

Enjoy neat, long or mixed into your favourite cocktail.


In years long-passed, distillery workers would help themselves to a dram using a ‘copper dog'; a pipe hidden inside the leg of their trousers. These Speyside rascals and characters are the inspiration for this unique blend of no fewer than eight single malt whiskies, slowly married together in old oak casks.

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Sold out


Copper Dog is the brainchild of Piers Adam, who bought The Craigellachie Hotel in Speyside, Scotland in October 2013. His first ambition was to create a community pub set within the hotel for locals and travellers alike, offering a farm to plate philosophy.

The Copper Dog pub was born and keen to offer guests a suitable memento of their stay Adam set about creating an appropriate whisky to showcase the varying malt styles form the Speyside region. Each bottle bears The Craigellachie Hotel name and the signature of Master Blender, Stuart Morrison.


A combination of eight single malts, Copper Dog is deliciously fruity with a hint of honey and spice. Eight different whiskies from Speyside were combined to create this well-balanced blend, which was designed to be well-suited for enjoying in cocktails and mixed drinks.

The aroma of this beautiful blend displays fresh fruit characters of rich confected apple, ripe pear and berries with the slightest touch of citrus. Sweet wood and vanilla fudge back up this fruit rendezvous exquisitely. Rich creamy mouthfeel abundant in confected apple and soft fruits - with just a touch of wood. The subtle spice undertones, carry the fruit along to a lasting creamy finish.