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Haig Club


The world changes at an unprecedented speed. We don't watch television, we binge series on demand. We're not going out for groceries, we take a subscription on a daily box of biological ingredients. We don't go camping, we share our houses with likeminded people. We don't lease a car but a mobility concept. We don't have phones, we have smart devices.

A Break with Tradition

Whisky did not seem to go along in this era of transformation. Yet we feel it is time to break with tradition that surrounds this wonderful liquid. Forget the smell of cigars at an open fire, the serious conversations. Forget rough men and hoarse women with their tumbler glasses and their single cube of ice or their three drops of water. Make your own rules.

Haig Club: A New Take on Whisky

Whisky in the 21st century is whisky you drink how you want to drink it, where and when you want to drink it. Haig Club wants to champion this by disrupting Scotch beyond the distinctive blue bottle. The smooth, light taste of the whisky makes it too interesting a drink to keep from endless experimenting. Mix it with cola, sprite or ginger ale alone and beautiful things happen. Combine it with coffee, chocolate, spices or other spirits. Taste it with all kinds of food. Need some inspiration? Check the whisky food pairings. See our whisky cocktails. Or just make your own creation.


Haig Club is a Single Grain Scotch Whisky with a character and style that sets it apart. From our beautiful bottles and delicious liquids to the unrivalled heritage that underpins the Haig Club story - Haig Club is the embodiment of a new era for Scotch and places us firmly in the hands (and on the lips) of some of the world's most recognisable names.


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The story of Haig Club is one of innovation that goes back 400 years (with Robert Haig who began distilling in 1627), although it really begins with Haig founder, John Haig, who registered the company in 1824.


John held a firm belief that just because something had been done a certain way for 200 years didn't mean it couldn't be improved upon, and he set about proving his point by establishing Cameronbridge. Within the distillery he installed what at the time was almost unheard-of technology: continuous column stills that set out his vision for quality blends through innovation, new technology and creativity.

Clubman's whisky

And although it arrived two hundred years later, Haig Club still runs true to that vision, not just because of the blue bottle and single grain whisky, but through the name ‘Haig Club' itself: The 1920s are regarded as the golden era of cocktails and at the time Haig Whisky was known as the Clubman's Whisky, a stylish drink of the times for the new wave of style leaders and innovators who, just like John Haig a hundred years earlier, were determined to do things their own way.