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INKD X Haig Club

We explore our take on personalised whisky bottles with none other than, Haig Club. After 400 years in the industry, the brand knows their single grain whisky like no other. Let's discover the story behind the brand and how they allow for personalised whisky with character. 


About Haig Club Whisky

The brand as we know began in 1824 when founder John Haig registered the company. John’s view of Haig Club back then still resonates with the modern approach of the company. He was a strong believer that just because something had been done a certain way for 200 years, that didn't mean it couldn't be improved upon.

Now, many years later, Haig Club still runs true to that vision to this very day. From the name Haig Club to the iconic blue bottles and the single grain whisky itself. Haig Club is always wanting to stay at the forefront of the game, the latest drop we have from the brand is every bit as unique and innovative as the spirit itself. Haig Club has stayed true to its roots and even though Burn’s Night has passed, it’s always a great addition for any whisky lover. 

How Does Haig Club Taste?

Haig Club single grain whisky has character and style which set it apart. As well as the beautiful blue whisky bottles, the taste of the single grain whisky is distinct and unique. 

The flavour is of toffee and vanilla with pleasant supporting oak notes. As well as this, there is a hint of fresh banana, which is potent enough to be tasted but in no way overpowering. Following this isa finish of a hint of nougat and honeycomb pieces.



What next?

We are all looking forward to seeing the journey of Haig Club in the coming years as whisky continues to sustain itself as a fan favourite amongst many consumers. If you want to be a part of Haig Club’s legacy, head over to our store and personalise your own bottle for yourself, or as a gift…





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